CROS NT Announces Collaboration with Wings for Life for Corporate Social Responsibility

05 March 2018 (Verona, Italy) – CROS NT, part of the PM Holding group of companies operating in the life sciences sector, today announced its continued collaboration with Wings for Life as part of its 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project.

Wings for Life

The PM Holding group of companies is composed of CROS NT, Arithmos and seQure Life Sciences, and the companies are collaborating on various initiatives to support Wings for Life and its scientific and clinical research. Wings for Life is a non-profit organization supporting cutting-edge international research for spinal cord injuries.

PM Holding collaborated with Wings for Life in 2017, both in terms of fundraising initiatives and provision of clinical expertise. CROS NT supported Wings for Life with study and protocol design, statistical advice, and budget management.

Throughout 2018, CROS NT plans to support Wings for Life with its clinical research and various fundraising initiatives including the Wings for Life World Run on 6th of May.

Paolo Morelli, CEO and Owner, said, “we are extremely pleased to extend our collaboration with Wings for Life again this year. Our team is proud of the work we have done in terms of corporate social responsibility, and we are excited to contribute to this new strategic partnership model taking shape in the clinical research environment in which service providers like ourselves apply our strategic and operational knowledge to organizations conducting research for social good – the new moral code in pharma”.

“Wings for Life is the fortunate recipient of PM Holding’s CSR activities.  In addition, our two organizations are well aligned in the focus on cutting-edge international research.  We look forward to continued collaboration towards our shared goals”, said Jane Hsieh, ATP Executive Director at Wings for Life

CROS NT is set to attend the Wings for Life Scientific Meeting in Salzburg, Austria this April where researchers are presenting research findings and upcoming studies.

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As a global CRO, CROS NT enriches clinical trial outcomes with data-driven services and solutions. From feasibility to clinical study reporting, CROS NT’s services cover regulatory consultancy, biometrics and data science (data management, biostatistics programming & analysis), pharmacovigilance and medical writing. Our technology portfolio includes clinical analytics solutions and data visualization tools, EDC, eCOA and integrated platforms as well as data anonymization tools. CROS NT relies on the quality of data to provide efficient and compliant trial solutions.

About Wings for Life

Every eight hours someone in the UK sustains a spinal cord injury and most become wheelchair users as a result. Spinal cord injury affects people of all ages and backgrounds and is most commonly caused through road traffic accidents, falls, illness or sports. Spinal cord injury happens in a moment, but the impact lasts a lifetime. After an injury most people live through months if not years of rehabilitative therapy. There is currently no medical treatment available to repair the injured spinal cord.

Wings for Life fund world class scientific research and clinical trials around the globe aimed at finding a cure for spinal cord injury. Since being founded 170 spinal cord research projects have been funded at the world’s most well-respected institutes and a number of vital breakthroughs has been made.

Wings for Life’s research focuses on how to minimize damage, stimulate repair and restore function after an injury to the spinal cord has been sustained. The developments so far provide strong hope that treatment options are closer than they have ever been. However, intensive research work is needed before a breakthrough in human medicine can be achieved.

When you support Wings for Life, 100% of the money you donate will go to directly to spinal cord injury research as the charity’s founders generously cover all of the administrative costs.



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Registered in England & Wales, No.07371291 • Registered Charity No. 1138804

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