CROS NT Launches Web Portal for Data Visualization

CROS NT introduces CROS Check, a web portal on the company’s main page, which offers clinical data visualization solutions for improving clinical trial analysis and reporting.

CROS NT has launched a web portal on its company’s main page to offer clinical data visualization solutions. The web portal, called CROS Check, features various solutions based on a client’s clinical trial needs – from a comprehensive clinical analytics tool to a simple “app” which can produce real-time data results on your smartphone or tablet.
One of the biggest challenges of any clinical trial is sorting and managing the vast amount of data collected. Clinical data visualization tools and solutions are available to provide detailed reporting of structured and underlying data. The return on investment from the implementation of data visualization tools is the amount of time saved by being able to access and analyze data immediately and using data to identify and fix problems.
CROS NT offers a variety of data visualization solutions for managing clinical trial metrics which allows Sponsors to have easy and immediate access to study data. The goal of the CROS Check web portal is to allow site visitors to interact and see the different data visualization solutions and read and watch examples of how a solution was implemented.
CROS Check will continue adding white papers and videos to its web portal.
Last year, CROS NT was supported by its technology affiliate, Arithmos, to implement a clinical data visualization business intelligence tool on the iPhone and iPad. This allowed the Sponsor to access study data information relevant to them, anytime, and in an easy and secure way.