Functional Service Provider

A Solution for Sustainable Quality

The Functional Service Provision Model (FSP) provides a scalable team of resources to meet immediate or longer-term resourcing needs through on-site or remote full time employees (FTEs).

CROS NT has developed a 5-point FSP Model focused on Sustainable Quality. It is scalable to the needs of both large and small to mid-size companies.

Functional Service Provision

Micro FSP

Micro FSP is geared towards delivering the benefits of FSP to small to mid-size companies who may not be looking to implement full biometrics departments. This model specifically addresses the issues of managing peaks and troughs in the workload for FTEs by providing resources for the number of days per week needed. The cost advantages can be seen in hourly rates vs. FTE rates and a reduction in overhead costs taken on by the CRO.

ADDITIONAL INFO: 5 Questions and Answers About Micro Functional Service Provision

Functional Service Provision 2.0

We have designed a “Next Generation FSP” or “FSP 2.0” to specifically address gaps in the traditional model. It lowers staff turnover by meeting the needs of the FSP team members.

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