Italian ePharma Day 2019 | 3rd April, Hotel Melià, Milan – Italy

Welcome to Italian ePharma Day 2019!

3 April, 2019
Milan – IT

Vendor management and oversight in clinical research

Italian ePharma Day 2019

Italian ePharma Day in Milan is right around the corner. On April 3rd meet the CROS NT Team and CEO, Paolo Morelli, who is part of the scientific board. We’ll be focusing on aspects of vendor management and oversight in clinical research. See you there!

The ePharma Day is an initiative that aims to provide discussion-events in various European countries concerning issues related to quality compliance as well as to rules, regulation and management of clinical research and drug development with the objective of bringing together people with different perspectives and functions to share common winning strategies and tools that can be applied across the pharmaceutical industry.

The 11th edition of Italian ePharma Day will explore the multiple models of outsourcing, the internal organizational model, the vendor selection methods (eg Contract Research Organizations (CRO), centralized laboratories and Clinical Trail Unit (CTUs)) and control of the activities performed by the vendor itself (oversight).

The discussion will include aspects such as procedures, supporting electronic tools and skills necessary to ensure efficient outsourcing and in line with regulatory expectations, involving representatives of pharmaceutical companies, CROs, independent sponsors, as well as the regulatory authority.

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