CROS NT provides IWRS solutions, or Interactive Web Response Management System, as part of its eClinical portfolio.

IWRSIWRS and Randomization

CROS NT can provide EDC with integrated randomization and clinical trial supply management. To obtain a randomization number the Investigator enrolls the subject, enters the subject’s required data;┬áthe system then randomizes the subject and displays the randomization number.

Clinical Trial Supply Management

The IWRS system allows you to:

  • Easily randomize patients
  • Click to randomize (based on stratification factors if foreseen by study design)
  • Get an email notification upon successful randomization
  • Keep drug accountability visible
  • Handle emergency unblinding (performed by PI only)

And when it comes to drug supply management, suppliers can:

  • Track shipments, containers, vials
  • Know who has been assigned what drug
  • Initiate shipments and automate re-supply
  • Manage drug supplies and study specific scenarios (de-randomize subject, incorrect treatment given to subject by mistake etc.)

Our IWRS and Inventory Management allows the setup of email triggers for different situations such as: shipment initiation, inventory empty, drug re-supply, randomization