Shaping Global Clinical Data Strategy Workshop: Making Clinical Data Your Greatest Asset

CROS NT is organizing and hosting a Clinical Data Strategy workshop in London in November 2015 to address the challenges and solutions in implementing a global strategy. The agenda (to be released) will cover topics such as protocol design, clinical data transparency, risk-based monitoring and smart drug development design.

business team with smartphones and tablet pcCLINICAL DATA STRATEGY OVERVIEW

Most clinical trials today are being conducted on a global level with vast amounts of data to collect, analyze and report. Trial strategies include collecting data from multiple sources and sites, ideally in real time so Data Managers can manage discrepancies and unusual data patterns and Biostatisticians can analyze incoming data and make critical decisions on trial progress.

Sponsors should be asking themselves these questions:

  • Is your clinical data our greatest asset?
  • What is the right outsourcing strategy for our organization?
  • How can we put together the best clinical data team?
  • What do we do once our product is on the market?
  • How can we best utilize our data?
  • How can we make sense of our clinical data and make the appropriate decisions?
  • Is my organization prepared for clinical data transparency?
  • Does my organization have an efficient Risk-Based Monitoring strategy?


However, we are giving participants a chance to structure the agenda. Participate in our data strategy survey to help CROS NT develop an agenda specific to industry needs:


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